Posted by: Rational Voice | August 8, 2010

Ethics = Racist?

While this doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise to me, this is still astonishing. Politico reports that the number of ethics cases involving black members of Congress could be racist or racially motivated. It is nothing but pure bullshit. These representatives are being investigated because they broke the law and/or House ethics rules. Tell me, how is that racist? If there wasn’t reason to suspect that they violated these rules or broke the law, they wouldn’t be investigated. And if they are investigated and it’s found that they didn’t violate anything, the charges will be dropped, as they should be. If evidence shows that they did break these rules or the law, that’s not racist because our laws now days are not racist. White representatives and senators have been convicted in the past, so was that racist, or does that just go to show you that justice is blind? These black members are being brought up on the same type of charges that whites have been in the past, therefore negating any attempts to label these charges as racist. Don’t believe me? Take a look at former Rep. Duke Cunningham, Vietnam fighter pilot and ace who is serving a prison sentence for a number of crimes, one being tax evasion, similar to what Rep. Charlie Rangel is being investigated for.

So a white guy and a black guy commit the same crime but charging one with the crime is racist…that makes perfect sense! I thought we were in a post-racial time, when race doesn’t matter. To me, race doesn’t matter, nor should it to anyone. I only care about a person’s character. I’ve met whites that are scumbags and blacks, Asians, etc., who are amazing people, ones I’d trust without hesitation. Race doesn’t matter and the sooner we stop making it an issue, the sooner we can get rid of racism.


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