Posted by: Rational Voice | August 8, 2010

English to Be the Official Language in Minnesota?

There is talk of making English the official language in Minnesota and I think this is a great idea. No, this idea isn’t anti-immigrant, nor is it racist. It’s a common sense approach to a problem that we have right now and that’s people coming to America expecting all the benefits of being an American without having to become an American or integrate into this country. This country was made by immigrants and it was made great because of them. It was made great because they integrated into American society while keeping aspects of their homeland, creating the rich, vibrant, American culture that we have today. Today though, many immigrants refuse to assimilate, which is fine. I’m about freedom. However, they shouldn’t expect anything from us if they refuse to assimilate into our culture.

Why should we have to go out of our way to print everything in every language for them? Nobody did that for my great-great grandfather when he came to the United States. They do not have a right to have us cater to them. When any of us go abroad for more than a brief vacation, we’re expected to adapt to the culture of where we are going. They don’t make special exceptions for us, nor do I expect them to. For example, why should we have driver’s license tests in all sorts of languages, especially since all of our signs are in English? All of our laws are in English as well and we shouldn’t have to translate everything for them. It doesn’t make sense. It just costs the taxpayers to cater to the few who don’t care.

To those who say that what I’ve said here or that the proposal is racist, I’ve got this to say. No it isn’t and it’s sad that is the only thing you have to say in response. When your only argument is to claim racism, you’ve lost and I’m going to ignore you. I debate and argue based off of reason, logic, and facts, not emotion based arguments like calling something racist. And it diminishes the word when people through it out for everything, like the Left is today. It’s like the boy who cried wolf, eventually people stop listening and caring and when you really need to use it, it’s lost all meaning. There is still racism in this country and it’s sad that there is and we need to make sure we call out actual racism when it happens to make sure we put a stop to it. Calling everything racist undermines the progress we have made in this country, but that’s a whole different topic for another time.

From SonofLiberty: At what point do we draw the line? We can’t racially profile and only provide Spanish translation. That would be discrimination. We need German, French, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese translation. Oh and Portugese, Polish, Arabic and Pashtun. This is a ridiculous burden on local governments. Beyond that forcing English is a great way to help immigrants succeed and assimilate. Finally, they say all residents should receive this help, does that include illegals? Seriously…



  1. English only, is the only way.

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