Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | August 7, 2010

Nuclear Morality

President Obama has not hidden his goal of a nuclear free world.  He’s talked about it since he began his political career and it is part of the reason he won a Nobel Peace Prize.  He has offered to draw down our nuclear arsenals and released the number of weapons in our stockpile, in hopes Russia would follow suit.  Now he has sent an American delegation to the remembrance ceremony in Hiroshima.  Sure other presidents and notables have gone to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but this is the first time such a high-ranking member of the government will attend the ceremony.  This really doesn’t bother me that much.  It is just a remembrance ceremony; however, given this Administration’s propensity to apologize for any American actions this could easily be seen as a complicit apology for our actions in WWII.  Which, again doesn’t surprise me that much.  The Left seems to have forgotten it was Democrat Harry S. Truman who dropped the bomb and that it was a necessary evil.

What I don’t like is this notion that an apology gives us moral authority.  “Schalow [a Rutgers Prof] speculated that Roos’ visit could be a step toward positioning the U.S. to condemn any future use of atomic weapons, perhaps by North Korea.  ‘If we show some regret of our own use of the weapon, if it happens again, we’re in a moral position to criticize,’ he said.  ‘As of now, we’re not in a position to denounce it.'”  We do not need to apologize for our actions during a war, much less to gain “moral authority.”  If another country launches a nuke, be it at the US or our ally, we have one response: to launch back.  We don’t need a moral authority to take to a diplomatic meeting and talk about it.  We must return fire.  The only way to protect our nation and our allies is through a policy making it clear we will not hesitate to defend ourselves with WMD.  Our threat has to be credible, everyone knows we have tons of nuclear weapons, but they must believe we’ll use those weapons.  The announcement we were moving away from our policy of nuclear retaliation for the use of WMD, coupled with this new action only weakens our credibility.  Mutually Assured Destruction may not sound like a great thing, but it has kept us safe for over 50 years and will continue to do so, we just have to believe in it and not undermine it.

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