Posted by: Rational Voice | August 7, 2010

e-Readers and the Blind

So the Department of Justice doesn’t care to investigate an actual documented case of voter intimidation by members of the Black Panthers in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008 but they care about a school testing an idea of using Amazon’s e-reader, the Kindle because it violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. The DOJ basically said if blind students wouldn’t be able to use the Kindle, then nobody would. Where does this kind of big government bullshit stop? Are they going to force everyone to walk everywhere now because it’s unfair that the blind can’t drive? Are they going to force us to stop walking because some people can’t? These sound ridiculous and they are but so is this whole situation. I don’t know what percentage of Americans are blind but I’m willing to bet it isn’t too high. Regardless, it seems like we’re willing to let a minority control the actions of a majority. I don’t think it’s right for a majority to keep a minority down, ever, but there are limits to accommodations that can be made. I’m pretty sure these schools, had there been someone with a vision disability in the classes using the Kindle, would have found a way to help them.

Everyone thinks the world revolves around them but it doesn’t. If I was blind, and I thank God that I am not, I wouldn’t expect everyone to change what they do just for me. It’s not fair and life isn’t fair but everyone expects it to be. When you make things “fair” you end up making it less fair for someone else, such as the students that, if it wasn’t for this decision, could use the Kindle in class. Now they’ll be stuck paying more for books because someone who wasn’t even involved in these classes decided that if they couldn’t use it, nobody could.

I think the Department of Justice needs to change its name because it no longer stands for justice. The definition of the word has been corrupted. The one place you should be able to trust to uphold the law and do the right thing is no longer willing to do so.


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