Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | August 3, 2010

The Unheard Military Voice

Over the last decade it has becoming increasingly popular to declare how much Americans support the troops; however, it appears this trend is slowly turning within the Department of Justice (DOJ).  The more news that comes out about the DOJ, the worse it looks.  First, there was the KSM trial going to NYC.  Then the New Black Panther video surfaced as another example of DOJ “missteps.”  These clowns weren’t prosecuted and of course it has nothing to do with their race…but that’s just me talking.  Now there are reports surfacing the DOJ is helping states file waivers to not comply with a Federal law mandating when absentee ballots are sent out.

The MOVE Act, passed through Congress last year dictates the times in which states must send out ballots to service members serving overseas.  Specifically, the law mandates ballots are sent to members 45 days prior to an election.  What a great idea, force states to ensure the military can actually vote in an election.  They are, after all, defending our right to vote.  I would argue the 45 day requirement actually is still barely good enough.  In a deployed location it can take several days to multiple weeks for mail to reach its recipient.  In a Forward Operating Base it can take even longer.  Once the ballot is finally received the member must then fill it out, get it repackaged and then finally mailed out.  And the return trip to the state is no quicker.  All of this has to take place in time for the ballot to actually be processed by the state prior to the election.  This is a drawn out process, in fact some estimate as much as 75% of military absentee voters experience problems.

Most people would think the MOVE act is a good law, designed to protect the military’s right to vote; however, the DOJ evidently does not agree.  Apparently rather than prosecute states incompliant with the law the DOJ has been helping offenders apply for waivers.  These waivers are granted in the case the law causes “excess hardship” on the state.  That’s right folks; the department specifically charged with prosecuting federal law is instead helping states skirt the law.  Rather than providing an incentive to comply with the law, like the threat of prosecution or fines, the DOJ sees fit to aid in the non-compliance.  This seems strange to me.  What could possibly be so difficult about sending ballots out 45 days early?  Absentee ballots have to be sent out every election.  What “hardship” could it cause a state to do so at the appointed time?  Most states have an office assigned to handle elections, this includes sending out ballots.  There’s already a mechanism in place to vote absentee, how hard can it be to give our soldiers enough time to vote?  The DOJ should be asking these types of questions, not giving advice about ignoring the law.  If the DOJ were doing its job, state secretaries might work a little harder to meet the law’s requirements.  But, I think there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I can’t say for sure, having never met Mr. Holder, but I think this is an effort to silence a significant voting bloc, a bloc that does not tend to favor Mr. Holder’s party.  Let’s look at the DOJ’s actions for just a second.  First, they sue a state trying to help enforce Federal Immigration law.  Now we learn they are helping states not comply with the MOVE Act.  In the first instance, there is a concerted effort to prevent enforcement of law affecting Hispanics.  I think many in the Democrat party see this as an excellent way to bring new (illegal) voters to the party.  In the second example, we see an effort to not enforce a law aiding the military.  The military is typically active in politics and is a majority conservative.  In 2004, the military supported George Bush over John Kerry 60-40.  In 2008 military support for McCain over Obama was nearly 70-20, though the final count was probably not that high.  It’s difficult to get exact polls from absentee ballots, but the military has been a pro-Republican camp in the last several elections. 

The all-volunteer military obviously cares about the country and actively engages in politics.  The military voter rate is around 70% compared to the general population’s of 51%.  It is outspoken and involved.  That makes it a threat to the current radical-left DOJ.  Perhaps knowing that Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland and New York are among the states filing for waivers may lend weight to my point.  These states are blue and while the troops’ votes may not affect national elections much (although the 2000 election was decided by around 500 votes), they could impact state elections.  Is there a reason they don’t want the military voice heard in these states?  That’s a good question the DOJ should be asking, but instead they help muzzle our soldiers.

I think this is just a thinly disguised effort to silence a conservative voting bloc, in a shamelessly partisan DOJ.  Sadly, there isn’t much outrage from the “support the troops” left.  The same people who mercilessly attacked President Bush’s DOJ for firing lawyers appointed by Clinton are now eerily silent.  Gonzales did the same thing every other DOJ had before, but the left was outraged then.  Now we have something significantly worse than partisan politics, we have active social engineering and cronyism.  Where is the outrage?                

The bottom line is the DOJ doesn’t give a damn about true justice.  They want to create “social justice,” regardless of who they have to discriminate against to accomplish it.  Mr. Holder’s Department of Justice is actively helping to silence the military, while giving felons advice on how to get their voting rights back.  His DOJ is ignoring outrageous actions by the New Black Panther Party, then accusing Arizona of racism and suing the state for enforcing immigration law.  The military volunteers to defend us, they should receive the same right to vote as the rest of the country.  They are, after all, defending our right to be heard.  This isn’t just about Right vs. Left; it’s about right and wrong.  Put your money where your mouth is and truly “support the troops.”  

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