Posted by: Rational Voice | July 26, 2010

Good Reading for July 26th

Here are a few of the pieces I’ve read today.  I have too much to say to even start putting it in words so I’ll just give you the links and hope they speak for themselves.–.html

And here is a quick video highlighting a congressman, Rep. Paul Ryan, who has a legitimate plan to bring this our spending, entitlements, deficit, and debt under control.  The video also highlights MSNBC host Chris Matthews and what a partisan, Liberal Kool-Aid drinker he is.  He believes that Republicans have no answers to anything despite Rep. Ryan having a plan and even then dismisses it without much care. It’s obvious that Matthews is part of the Liberal machine, the one that keeps playing the broken record that the Republicans are the party of no, they have no ideas of their own, etc., despite them having plenty of ideas. I heard of a lot of them during the healthcare debate. Their ideas just didn’t receive any attention because they deregulated the system instead of giving the government more power.

Here is more on Rep. Ryan’s plan:

A Roadmap for America’s Future


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