Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | July 24, 2010

Son of Liberty Introduction

Over the course of my lifetime I have always followed politics. While my peers watch ESPN Sports Center, I watch Fox News and listen to talk radio. I’ve spent my life enthralled in all things political. I’m the example of a Rush Baby. I took this passion for political discourse with me into high school, where I spent my weekends at debate tournaments, and then to college where I majored in Political Science (and continued to debate). I love all things political and it’s always been a hobby of mine to follow current events. Having said that, I hope this blog moves beyond a minor hobby. Over the last few years I’ve watched as this country has quickened on its march toward a progressive socialist agenda. It scares me. I don’t feel my generation fully understands the impacts today’s decisions will have on our future. I want this blog to go beyond me, beyond my love for policy debates, to join an ever-growing American voice speaking truth to power, a voice willing to stand up to the political class and take a stand for our values and the future of our country.
I’ve always been secure in our strength as Americans, but more and more I look at the world around me a fear for the future of our country. I want my generation to take a stand to get involved. As many of us leave college and discover there are no jobs, we need to start abandoning our entitlement mentality and apathetic attitude. It’s time to start paying attention. We aren’t entitled to anything and we can no longer ignore what’s being done in our name. This blog is an effort to share, with our peers, the large volume of information my partner and I take in on a daily basis. It’s a place for discussion, but beyond that, my sincere hope is that the discussion on this page sparks real life discourse. That the links, articles and opinions from this blog find their way into emails, Facebook pages and everyday life.

I make no effort to hide my ideological slant. I am a Christian and my beliefs affect the way I think and vote (I challenge anyone to tell me their beliefs don’t). Having said that, I can support my views and policies with more than, “the Bible says.” While I believe it’s infallible, I know others don’t, so I will use verifiable facts to defend my position. I’m conservative, does that mean I’m a Republican? Maybe, but I’m for limited government and our Founding Fathers’ principles. I will always be for that over the GOP. While I’m a Christian-Conservative, I try to be fair. If you have another opinion express it, we’ll talk it over and debate. That’s what is great about America. I won’t censor you. If you want to ignore me because of my beliefs, fine. But please check my sources, watch the videos, read the quotes and at least consider my view. If after you’ve done that you still disagree, that’s ok, but don’t write me off simply because you disagree. I may have been raised conservative, but I’ve stayed one because I’ve investigated and reached my own conclusions. I hope you do the same. This blog is about what’s going on today and looking back at where we came from. Read our posts, join our discussion, but please then pass it on. As Rational Voice said, we each have a role to play, this may be ours, but you have one too. Get involved with the world around you and let’s each do our part to preserve the America we grew up in, an America we can pass down to our kids. This is truly the world’s last best hope, we must not and cannot fail.


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