Posted by: Rational Voice | July 24, 2010

Is Healthcare Rationing in Our Future?

During the healthcare debate, one of the most contested points was whether there would be rationing of healthcare in order to keep costs down.  This rationing, some believed, would lead to the so-called “death panels.”  While I think some of the rhetoric on both sides was extreme at times, it wouldn’t surprise me to see rationing happen at some point. It’s been happening in countries that already have national healthcare system like the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries with this type of system.  Just do a quick Google search and you’ll find hundreds of examples.

They keep saying that while other healthcare systems do have some problems, ours won’t.  Great!  Awesome!  Happy to hear it! But I’ll believe it when I see it. I hope that it doesn’t happen but when we have nominated as a recess appointment (ostensibly to avoid hearings that will show his radical viewpoints) of a man to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services who favors socialized medicine and rationing to keep costs down, it isn’t a stretch to imagine that we’ll have someone in charge of the entire healthcare system that believes in the same thing.

I hope I’m wrong but like my previous post on healthcare we’ve been able to say “I told you so.”  Some people delight in being able to say that.  I don’t.  And I hope to God that I won’t have to say that about healthcare rationing.


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