Posted by: Rational Voice | July 21, 2010

The Truth is Finally Coming Out on Healthcare

Throughout the healthcare debate that raged on throughout the country over the past year, many on the Left denounced conservatives as fear-mongers for their rhetoric opposing the bill despite conservatives having facts instead of talking points to back up their argument.  For months, many mainstream media outlets failed to do any objective reporting on the issues surrounding the debate, like actually examining the costs, the type of care a government run system would provide, etc.  From time to time you could find an article from one of these sources or catch a quick story on CNN that seemed to have elements of objective reporting, but those were fleeting at best and what I think were attempts to appear as though they wanted to remain objective. I didn’t fall for that and neither did many of the American people, who, even now, still have a majority who want this bill repealed, though the exact number seems to vary from week to week.  The Left used a lot of arguments to discredit conservatives but as time goes on, more and more of what we said is coming true.  Amazing isn’t it? Not only that but many of the same Leftist media outlets that denounced conservatives are reporting the same things coming to light that they criticized us for! Let’s dissect just a few examples of what the Left said and what’s actually happening:

“Costs will go down”

Many on the Left kept saying that the healthcare bill would help contain runaway costs, at least that’s what they were saying before the bill became law.  Just weeks after President Obama signed the bill into law the LA Times ran this story. In it, the LA Times reports that “although Democrats promised greater consumer protection, the overhaul does not give the federal government broad regulatory power to prevent increases.”  So…tell me this…if the bill doesn’t give them that power, what the hell did we pass?  Did we essentially just take $940 billion and just set it on fire? It seems like that would have been a better use for that money because people could at least get some heat in the future when they’re broke as a result of this monstrosity. That cost brings me to my next point.

“It costs less than $1 trillion and reduce the deficit”

Despite the price tag the CBO put on the healthcare bill before it passed, the CBO itself has come out and revised the figure.  Guess what? The costs have now gone over $1 trillion and undoubtedly will continue to rise.  Part of the reason is that the CBO did not have enough time to properly score the bill before the vote, forcing them to do quick calculations that missed many costs hidden in the bill’s intentionally vague details, not to mention double counting cuts or not adding in costs that they should. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these pieces.  Hell, even the director of the CBO admits that they really don’t know what the costs are going to be and they are the ones that are supposed to figure all that out!

Next, I want to get to one of the issues that allowed this bill to pass.

“Federal funds will not be used for abortions”

Rep. Bart Stupak agreed, along with other “pro-life” democrats, to vote for the bill after receiving assurances in the form of an Executive Order preventing Federal funds from being used for abortions.  He agreed to the Executive Order instead of an amendment to the bill the would say the same thing.  There is a problem here and that is, at least from my understanding, that when it comes to an Executive Order v. law, law wins. This may not be true in every instance but it very well could be here, rendering the Executive Order toothless.  It appears that some Federal funds are already going to be used to help fund abortions, though this whole issue appears somewhat cloudy from this article this article. This though does not appear to be part of the federal healthcare bill though it wouldn’t surprise me if this is a slippery slop leading to your tax dollars going to fund abortions.  The issue of taxes brings me to my last point for this post.

“The healthcare mandate isn’t a tax”

President Obama had this spirited debate with George Stephanopoulos actually did a good job trying to be a legitimate journalist here (especially listen in around 2:00) So the government forcing people to buy something or be fined isn’t a tax.  OK, glad we have that covered, except now the government is defending the very same mandate that the president said isn’t a tax as a tax in court!   They are arguing they have the power to force this mandate under Congress’ power to impose taxes.  I found this in, of all places, the NY Times! NY Times! It’s amazing how so many of the overarching issues the conservatives were blasted on are coming true or the Left is flip-flopping on.

I just wondering how many more of these things are going to come true.  There’s already been talk of rationing so maybe there will be “death panels”…



  1. Two things: 1 burning that many dollars would create heat for people, but it would probably cause more global warning. Meaning more polar bears would die, that’s bad. Second, what about all the things Berwick has said about “rationing” and the UK’s system? Seems like rationing is around the corner…

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